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Financially LOCKDOWN 

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"Financial debt management in South Africa"

On a daily basis, we deal with many people who are running with the worst financial situations in their life. There are many people who have spent half of their life by facing a financial crisis and are unable to enjoy their real-life. 

For many the answer may be to go through a 21-month LOCKDOWN,  no debt, no additional expenses, focus on reducing your debt and ensure you do not spend more than what you earn, reduce expenses within the amount of Income receive monthly ...


The 21-month Lockdown may be more effective, add more value and have a more proactive outcome than DEBT COUNSELING

Lockdown is your own choice to isolate yourself to avoid any further fear, anger, frustration and ...  impact on your financial situation 

-  Use the time to STOP any further debt

- Make sure your expenses do not exceed your income

- Start repaying your accounts .. one by one, smallest first 


The only key to overcome any problem in life is to remain positive and use each situation and opportunity, even if it is difficult, to grow and learn.  

Be positive is the Key to Financial Fitness & Healthy  ... 


Be more DISCIPLINED & Get immediate control over all Spending

Draw up a list of all your Debts ... especially the amount own & installment 

To enable the GOOD Plan to get into effect you need to take your LOWEST debt, amount own ,,,

Mark it as "1"  

Now identify your second LOWEST debt and mark it as "2"  third lowest "3"  ...

Income & Expenses are like breathing air in and out ... If your expenses continue exceeding your Income you are going financially unfit, if you continue getting bad air into your lungs you will become unhealthy and you could face health issues. It is vitally important not to spend more money monthly than what you receive or earn ...  it could cause a Financial LOCKDOWN ... Nobody would be able to assist you as your financial situation has gone out of control !!