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To do this Health Tests you need to make a list of all your monthly expenses ....

Policies, Insurance,  Food, Water Electricity,  Children,  Telcom, Cell phone....  etc 

(Check your Bank statements, to assist you to make a list of all your expenses for the past month) 

Your will require your real monthly income:-  

(Paid into your Bank account  monthly)

 Example:-   TEST:-   Income vs Expenses

Monthly  Income  R ......., ...


Monthly Expenses    R .........  , ...

                  Total:        R........ , ....

If your Income is more than your expenses you are ...  "OK"


If your Expenses are more than your income  ... you have failed the Financially Health Test   

A financial Health program will be recommended ....

Test also your Monthly Debt repayment ...

The second test will check your for possible a health problems

 Income vs your Monthly Debt repayment ..

If you fail this test we will subscribe the GOOD Plan to get you Financially Healthy in this area again  ...

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