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Get Effective Financial Planning Advice

"Financial advice for debt management"

"Financial advice for debt management", Financial advice for debt management, "Financial advice for debt management".

Once we get stuck in a financial crisis, we get advice from many people around us. But does that really helps??

Maybe some of the advice helps but not every time…


A person can face a serious dilemma when he gets advised by a lot of people regarding financial problems. Because it puts him in great confusion. 


To end this confusion, we have come up with the best financial advice for debt management. We are named as Financially Positive and our work is also similar to our name. 

We help people by making them financially positive in every aspect. 


Our specialty is to make people debt-free and our team always works hard on it. We give special financial advice for debt management which helps people to get rid of their debts. 


It is not easy to maintain a stress-free life when one is financially not well. There exist many debts which a person has to get over with and at the same time he has to maintain his daily living expenses. This makes the life of a person like a hell on Earth. 


To help these people, we have started the best financial advice-giving program for debt management. In this, our experts help people and advise them with the best solutions for clearing their debts. And also make them learn how to maintain their daily expenses according to their income. 


With the different plans, we also have a financial road map that takes you to the correct destination. It helps you to meet the solutions of your problems gradually by helping you in clearing your debts. 

Therefore, feel free to contact us for any kind of financial problem and our team will surely connect to you and will provide you with the best possible financial advice for debt management.

Get the best financial advice for debt management in South Africa.

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The Unique Way for Financial Advice For Debt Management in South Africa

Test your

Financial Fitness 

This is vital important if you want to get Financially fit ...

Test your Fitness in the following two areas:-


2.    INCOME    /    DEBT  

If you fail this Financial Fitness Test you will need to take action ... 

Options will be ...  get the   -  Good Plan  -  Discover a Financial Road Map  ...  

First  FinFit TEST 


With this Tests you need to make  a list of all your monthly expenses .... (Take your Bank statement and mark your expenses the past month)

Then you take your real income:-   Paid into your Bank account  monthly

Take  Income  R ......, ...


Expenses    R.........  , ...

       Total:  R........ , ....​

If your Income is more than your expenses you are ...  OK  

Then move to the second Test


If your Expenses are more than your income  ... you are Financially "UNFIT"   A fitness program will be recommended

Second FinFit Test

This Test is governed by the following Act:-  NATIONAL CREDIT ACT 

The Act allow that you may only spend 30% of your Income on Monthly repayments towards all your debt 

Take your total Monthly Income:-

    Divided by  Total monthly Debt repayment x  30%    

R ......  /   R  ......   x   30%

If your monthly repayments exceed 30% you will be left with to little funds to be Financially Fit

You may have to get a Action Plan to assist you to reduce your debt or consider consolidating your debt